If your claim has been denied on paper by claims workers at the Application and Reconsideration levels, the Administrative Law Judge Hearing is your opportunity to explain in your own words how your feel, and why you are unable to work.  Request a hearing online.

The right to this hearing is especially important in cases where the symptoms of the illness or disability are not obvious, such as when the claimant is suffering from disabling pain.

It may be possible to obtain an “on the record” (OTR) decision, meaning that the claim is decided favorably before a hearing, based on the strength of the medical records in their file.

To appeal your claim to an ALJ, we can file SSA Form 501 for you, and prepare you and your case for your hearing.

How often has the ALJ assigned to your case awarded benefits? Many disabled workers who take their claims to a hearing are found to be medically disabled, so they are eligible for disability benefits. This rate of allowances is possible because the judge is able to see you, and hear you explain why you cannot work. Social Security ALJ allowance rates at the OpenGov website.

SprinSpringfield Hearings Officegfield Hearing Office: The hearing office for people who live in Western Massachusetts (cases filed in District Offices in Springfield, Holyoke and Greenfield) is located at: Suite 450 – 1441 Main Street, Springfield, Massachusetts 01103. Telephone: (866) 964-5058.



135 High Street, Hartford – Room 331

Hartford Hearing Office. The Hartford hearing office for people who live in Northern Connecticut including Enfield and Somers residents, and is located at: William R. Cotter Federal Building, 135 High Street, Room 331, Hartford, Connecticut 06103-1193 Telephone:(866) 931-2878.
The range of data for judges at the Social Security hearings office in Hartford, CT show t hat between 22 – 49% of claims were allowed


In many cases, we will ask a client to bring family members or another person who knows about how the disability has affected everyday life, and the ability to work. We will help you and your witnesses prepare the important testimony about your symptoms and activities of daily living. What happens during a hearing?

We go over your work experience and your education to prepare for your hearing, along with your testimony about your daily life, your medical history, and your physical and mental abilities. All of this information is carefully prepared, so that when we get to the hearing room, the Judge can clearly see how your case fits in with Social Security regulations

Social Security may hire a vocational expert to come to your hearing. The vocational expert listens to all of this testimony, and then gives an opinion about whether a disability makes it too difficult for a person to go to work. Vocational Experts provide important evidence in the case that must fit with what you can or cannot do.

The goal is to obtain a Fully Favorable Decision on your claim. It’s important to start preparing now. Preparing for your hearing involves a full review of how you feel, and how your disability has affected you. Many people who suffer from pain and chronic illness have trouble explaining how they feel. It is not unusual for disabled people to have difficulty or even reluctance in describing their symptoms. I can help you prepare for the hearing, and explain how the Social Security law and regulations apply to your specific case. Call me today for a free case evaluation: (413) 567-5600.