Posted by Attorney John L. Roberts People Who Have Been Helped.

I had cancer. It really didn’t affect me at first. It wasn’t until the chemo started wearing off that I started realizing what I went through, and how tough it was. That was when more problems started, side effects. The way that some people treat you, especially in the workforce, is just terrible. People want to feel sorry for you, but they don’t want you. It gets to you.

Social Security Disability denied me. I called a couple of attorneys. They didn’t want to take my case. They didn’t feel I had a chance. I saw a number on TV for disability, but it was a regional number. I called it, and they were in New Jersey, and they gave me Attorney Roberts.

He said from the begicancer-effects-1nning that my case was a different case, and that it was going to be difficult. He understood where I was coming from, and what I had been through. He was there when he needed to be there, and he knew when it was time to call and when it wasn’t.

Mr. Roberts had all the paperwork in order and everything else they needed. The judge read it, and she was convinced. She had all the paperwork and said there was no doubt in her mind that I was disabled. Attorney Roberts did his homework. I wouldn’t have disability benefits right now if it weren’t for him.