There are many disability claims services and law firms that are eager to sign you up as a client. Why choose a local attorney to work on your case? Here are reasons to hire Attorney Roberts:

Legal Experience. I became a lawyer in 1989. My first job was with the United States District Court in Springfield, working as a Judicial Law Clerk on long term disability cases and Social Security disability appeals. I learned how the medical evidence in each case had to fit the disability laws and regulations. Legal experience can help you obtain a favorable disability decision earlier in the claims process. Check Massachusetts Registration. Check Connecticut Registration.

I Focus on Elder Law and Disability Benefits Law. By limiting my practice to Social Security Disability and other government benefits eligibility law, your disability case gets my full attention. It’s not a side issue for me.

If you are referred to me by a worker’s compensation lawyer, I will work with your comp lawyer to protect your interests and help the comp lawyer coordinate your settlement to maximize your SSDI benefits.
If you are referred to me by a personal injury lawyer, I will work with your P.I. lawyer to get your SSDI benefits as quickly as possible. I can also work with your personal injury lawyer to make sure that your injury settlement does not disrupt your eligibility for benefits and services. I keep track of the eligibility law and regulations.

Practical Experience. I opened this law practice in 1991, when I completed the Federal Court clerkship. Having practiced disability law and litigation since then, I understand the time constraints and problems faced by you, your doctors and the people in health care who treat your disability. My job is to work with you and the busy people who are treating you. I’ll explain the Social Security regulations and obtain reports that are consistent with what Social Security needs to make a favorable disability decision for you. This practical experience can save you from the trial and error that slows down the claims process.

Convenience. I am close to your home. For in-person meetings with you, my office is convenient and accessible. I am close to the Social Security offices where the agency workers and officials make the initial disability decisions, and conduct the administrative hearings. Office Location: 1200 Converse Street, Longmeadow, Massachusetts 01106.

You Can Monitor Your Case from Your Home. Talk to me by phone from your home now, and whenever you have a question about your case. When you want to check on the progress of your case, just call me at (413) 567-5600 and request a case report update. My report shows you what’s in the Social Security Disability case file, including updates on your treatment records and your doctor reports.

MOST IMPORTANT: Prompt Attention to Your Case, Every Step of the Way. When medical records need to be submitted to  the Disability Determination Services offices, or the Hearings Office in Hartford or Springfield, I obtain and deliver the records to Social Security, and then check Social Security’s electronic file to make sure the evidence has been added to your file. This service has made a big difference for clients. They get the disability decision they need, so their benefit checks begin sooner.

Local Access to Your Case File. Your case file won’t be with a paralegal, claims clerk, or attorney in a distant city. You can talk directly with me, during each step of the case.  I am close to you, your physicians and the Social Security offices that will make your disability decision. If you live outside of our service area, locate a Social Security Disability lawyer near you by clicking on this National Directory of Social Security Disability or

Coordination of Your Case. Distance is one less problem when you hire an experienced local attorney. I can help with referrals to medical specialists who can answer the questions raised by Social Security about your physical and mental impairments. If you are seeing doctors in Boston, I have found that they do appreciate and cooperate with a hometown professional who knows and understands the needs of their patient from Western Massachusetts. They know you are traveling many miles to get the medical treatment you need.

Continuing Education. I graduated from Western New England College School of Law, cum laude, in 1989. That was just the beginning of my education. Every year I attend webinars on medical treatment taught by doctors, and law seminars on disability benefits taught by lawyers.

Research and Preparation of Your Case. Hours of medical and legal research will be needed to get you the disability decision you need. With a full understanding of your diagnosis and treatment, we can effectively present your case, and get your disability decision. Call today for a free evaluation of your case: (413) 567-5600.

Confidence, and Hope for Your Future. You can monitor our work on your disability case from your home. I will take care of the details that are needed to get your disability decision. You can focus your time on your treatment and other important things, knowing we care about you, and we are working hard to get you a favorable disability decision.

SSA Form 3288 – Consent to Release Information. Allows me see your case file.

SSA Form 1696 – Appointment of Rep Form

Sample Fee Agreement – Read more about this on the attorney fee page

Medical Records Release Form – Allows me to ask your doctors for the information we need to win your case.