Federal Court decisions say that Social Security must have a complete case file before they can deny a person’s disability claim. For example, in a case where a person had high blood pressure, Social Security did not get expert guidance regarding the extent of her residual functional capacity. That case was sent back to Social Security for another review, and Vocational Expert Testimony.

Review of the case by the Federal Court can result in an award of benefits, or a remand to Social Security for a review of the case.

Social Security has rules regarding service of legal process in lawsuits involving judicial review of Agency final decisions on claims for benefits under Titles II, VIII, and/or XVI of the Social Security Act. Under the new rules, summonses and complaints in these types of cases should be mailed directly to the office in SSA’s Office of the General Counsel (OGC) that is responsible for the processing and handling of litigation in the particular jurisdiction in which the complaint has been filed. For U.S. District Court–Connecticut: Office of the Regional Chief Counsel,
Boston (Region I), and U.S. District Court–Massachusetts: Office of the Regional Chief

Counsel, Boston (Region I) Complaints are served on:

Office of the Regional Chief Counsel, Region I

Social Security Administration

Room 625, JFK Federal Building

Boston, MA 02203-0002.

Our office can prepare and handle your case in Federal Court if you have been denied benefits by Social Security. We have successfully resolved cases with the Office of Chief Counsel, on behalf of disabled people who were denied disability benefits by Social Security. Please call (413) 567-5600 for a free case evaluation.