Posted by Attorney John L. Roberts People Who Have Been Helped.

I have DDS which is Dissolving Disc Disease in my lower lumbar and I have had spinal surgery for that; I’ve had surgery on my leg as well and I had hip surgery.  I had already been denied twice and this was going to be my 3rd time. It was horrible!

There were times I was bed ridden and couldn’t even walk. Just the thought of somebody saying “you’re NOT disabled” was heart wrenching.  So, I thought about…“should I get an attorney…should I not get an attorney.”  In hind sight, I’m glad I did. I just picked up the phone and called Attorney Roberts. It was the best call I made in this situation.

Attorney Roberts had everything ready so that when we went to the judge he handed him all the paper work. He was very impressed by the fact all the paperwork was there. Everything he needed to get approval or to make his decision easier, he had right in front of him.  An answer came that day we went before the judge.

I knew I didn’t have to stress; am I going to get approved or not? I had the answer right then and there and it was just a HUGE relief.

Once you’re approved there’s a lot less stress. One less thing to do and I can concentrate on getting myself better.