2016 Statistics show the rate of allowed claims is highest at the ALJ level:

Don’t be discouraged by the high rates of claim denial.  You can have success with your Social Security Disability claim at any one of the 5 levels of review:
Initial Application: 33% allowed
Reconsideration: 12% allowed
Administrative Law Judge: 46% allowed
Appeals Council: 1% allowed, 13% remanded for another hearing
Federal Court: 2% allowed, 49% remanded for another hearing

Where is your claim today?  I can help you if your claim has been denied at one of these offices:

I serve disabled workers who  applied for Disability Benefits at these Social Security District Offices:

l-holyokeHolyoke District Office
200 High Street
Holyoke, MA 01040

l-springfieldSpringfield District Office
70 Bond Street
Springfield, MA 01104

l-hartford2Hartford District Office
960 Main St. 2nd Floor
Hartford, CT 06103
Find your local Social Security District Office

We serve people who appeal their claims to Administrative Law Judges in The Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Springfield, Massachusetts and Hartford, Connecticut:

135 High Street, Hartford – Room 331 Hartford Hearings Office 135 High Street – Room 331 Hartford, CT 06013 (866) 931-2878 Map
Springfield Hearings Office Springfield Hearings Office
1441 Main Street -
Suite 450
Springfield, MA 01103
(866) 964-5058

We continue to represent our clients if they need to appeal their claim to U.S. District Court  in Springfield, Massachusetts and Hartford, Connecticut.

Springfield Hearings Office US District Court
300 State Street
Springfield, Massachusetts
135 High Street, Hartford – Room 331 US District Court
450 Main Street
Hartford, Connecticut

If you live in our service area, call for a free case evaluation.

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