Your application for disability benefits can be successful if you prepare the application carefully and provide complete information to Social Security.  There are several ways to apply:

1. by filling out the online application form on your computer (You can begin the process and go back to it as you gather more information)
2. by calling on the telephone: 1-800-772-1213, or
3. by visiting the District Office nearest you:
70 Bond Street, Springfield, Massachusetts 01104
200 High Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts 01040
960 Main St. 2nd Floor, Hartford, CT 06103

Make sure Social Security has a complete application that explains your disability.  As you can see, 2 out of 3 applications end up being denied by Social Security and the number of allowed claims for benefits has been declining over the past 3 years:

Social Security Disability Claims Nationwide

 ApplicationsBenefits AwardedClaims allowed, compared to the previous yearPercent of Claims Approved 

To understand the disability process, and file your application properly, follow the links to valuable resources such as the Patient Advocate Foundation, and consider buying this e-book for written by Social Security Attorney Thomas Stasiuk

(this e-book is absolutely free if you have a Kindle Unlimited)
Before you go online to file your application, you can gather information that you are going to need by printing and filling out these paper forms:
Social Security Form 3368 Adult Disability Report describing your medical treatment and work history
Social Security Form 3373 Function Report (Q 009 D) explaining how your disability impacts your daily life

Social Security Form 3369 Work History Report
Social Security Form 3380 Third Party Report of Function

Special Reports and records from your doctors will prove the intensity of your impairments, including pain and any other “invisible” impairments that make it impossible for you to work. Whether you apply online or in person, all the information about your claim is going to be scanned into a computer, and handled electronically by claims workers who review:

your illness
your impairments
medical treatment
your doctors
your work history
your education

More Information To Start a Disability Application:
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